Red Weather Warning – Are You Covered?

We have had some pretty awful weather over the last few days in many places across the UK. So much so that there will have no doubt been an awful lot of road traffic accidents caused by the likes of snow and ice.

Some parts of the UK had been subject to a red weather warning. That is the most serious weather alert possible meaning that there is a threat to the lives of people. In addition, motorists would have been advised not to travel in their cars unless it was absolutely necessary.

There have been some rumours flying around to the effect that some people felt that, if they were involved in a road traffic accident during a red weather warning that they would not be covered by their car insurance policy. Well, motorists will be pleased to read that this is just not the case depending upon the level of cover they have.

If you were involved in a road traffic accident that involved your own car being damaged and you were deemed to be at fault then, as long as you had fully comprehensive cover you would still be covered for damage to both your vehicle and damage to another vehicle. If you only had third party cover or third party fire and theft then you would only be covered for damage to the other vehicle and not for damage caused to your own car should you be involved in a road traffic accident and it be your fault.

After all, if you happened to be driving a long distance and get caught in bad snow that was sufficiently poor to result in a red weather warning being declared, you can hardly be held responsible and be told that your comprehensive car insurance does not cover you should you be involved in a road traffic accident. So, rest assured a red weather warning would not impact in a negative manner on your motor insurance.

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