Number Of Motorists Caught Illegally Using Mobile Phones Falls

Some time ago, the penalty for a motorist illegally using a mobile phone whilst in his or her car was increased to six points on their driving license and a £200 fine. This was an increase of 100% in comparison to the previous penalty.

In 2016, around 50,000 motorists received fixed penalty notices for such an offence that we are sure you will agree is a considerable number. Well, according to data obtained by the price comparison website, last year that figure dropped to around 30,500.

Whilst that is pleasing to hear it is still concerning that so many motorists are breaking the law when it comes to using their mobile phones in their vehicles. It is a danger to other road users as well as numerous others when someone illegally uses a mobile phone at the wheel of their motor vehicle.

Of course, if someone gets caught in this way, this is likely to affect their motor insurance premium in a negative way as it is likely that their premium will increase with this being something that motorists surely could do without happening. In the last 18 months or so many motorists have seen their car insurance premiums go up by a significant amount so another rise would no doubt be an unwelcome one.

It really is not worth the risk in illegally using a mobile phone whilst in the car. It is probably better to leave your mobile phone in the glove compartment so that if it does ring it can be left out of sight and unanswered.

When it comes to trying to get a better deal on your car insurance premium at renewal you may wish to shop around as there are numerous providers of such cover. In this respect, one of the ways to do this is to use a price comparison website. Such websites can usually be accessed 24/7 and it is often even possible to put the cover in place very quickly.

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