The UK Is The Costliest Country To Keep A Car On The Road

This is one world title you will wish that we did not hold!

Unfortunately, when you take into account the cost of car insurance, fuel, MOT, toll roads, car repairs and road tax, the UK is the costliest country on the planet to keep a car on the road. This is based upon information provided for a survey for that involved 21 countries.

the costs of running a car in the uk are more than anywhere else in the world

The UK is the most expensive country in the world to keep a car on the road

Here in the UK the average family saloon costs in the region of £3,453 per annum to keep those four wheels turning. If you lived in France, Spain, Australia or the USA you would spend around £1,000 less. If you resided in Japan you would pay around £1,825 a year less.

With regard to car insurance it costs on average £667 per annum. However, if you lived in Australia you would pay £383 pa and in France only £286 each year.

If you were asked the question: “ How much does it cost you to run your car each year?’ – how many of you would not know the answer. A car seems a necessity these days yet if you were told it costs an average of 27 pence for every mile would that make you stop and think before jumping in your car and asking yourself whether you can make the journey on foot or cycle.

After all, if you merely need to go to your local shop for some groceries and it is only a quarter of a mile away can you not just make the journey on foot. A side benefit of doing so is that it will help with your fitness levels and therefore your health.

Another way of possibly reducing your annual expenditure on your car is to shop around for your car insurance when you receive your renewal notice as it is a very competitive marketplace at the moment.

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