Women Take Longer to Learn, but are Much Safer Drivers

A recent study shows that a woman usually needs about 22 driving lessons, which is a lot more when you compare it with the 16 driving lessons taken by men. They also spend almost 40% more than men when they are learning to drive.

The same study also shows that while women take a lot longer to learn, they are a lot more careful behind the wheel, which is why it is easier for them to get cheap car insurance. A third of men admitted to ignoring speed limits while only a fifth of the women who were asked admitted to doing so.

Since women take a lot longer to learn how to drive, it is obvious that they spend more money taking driving lessons. Women spend £528 on driving lessons while men spend £384. A fifth of the men who were interviewed said that they didn’t bother taking lessons from a driving instructor while only 10% of the women chose not to pay any tuition.

The average age at which a man passes his test is 19.5 years while for women, it’s 19.7 years. There is a difference between the sexes when it comes to driving style as well with 34% of men saying that they were confident drivers while less than 25% admitted the same.

Two times the number of men than women said that their driving is excellent or skilled while double the number of women than men described themselves as worried, scared or distracted drivers.

The ‘confidence’ shown by men could mean that they are willing to take bigger risks than women with 54% of men saying that driving their car above 80 mph isn’t speeding while only 42% admitted to the same.


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