Drugs will Drastically Increase your Car Insurance Costs

While most people are well aware of the dangers of drunk driving, many people still do not think twice about driving under the influence of drugs even though the penalties are substantially more severe than those of drinking and driving.

Driving under the influence of drugs falls under the same offence as drunk driving. Many people think that the police do not have any way to detect drugs, but policemen are trained to look out for certain signs.

Drugs have an effect on the eyes; cannabis can cause eyes to become bloodshot while ecstasy and cocaine dilate the pupils. Drugs also impair coordination; a technique called ‘Field Impairment Assessment’ can be used to check balance and coordination. If the police believe that a motorist is under the influence, he can ask a doctor to take a blood sample.

Motorists who are apprehended can face severe consequences. This can include a twelve month driving ban, a criminal record and a fine of £5000. This can seriously hamper the hopes of getting cheap car insurance in the future. Depending on the drug, the driver could go to prison for five years.

Many drivers are not aware that the law doesn’t differentiate between illegal and legal drugs. Many of the legal drugs which can be bought over the counter can have the same effect of impairing a driver’s coordination. The rules for driving under the influence of legal drugs are the same as the rules for driving under the influence of illegal drugs.

Having a drug driving conviction makes it extremely hard to find cheap car insurance. According to a car insurance comparison website, a drug driving conviction for a 30 year old man driving a Ford Fiesta could increase his insurance cost by more than 200% while a 20 year old driving the same car could see it rise by 400%.

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