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A motorhome is a vehicle and a living accommodation. You can travel in style and bring the comfort of home along with you. If you are driving a motorhome, you are required by law to have motorhome insurance.

Guides for obtaining motorhome insurance online

Save money on your new motorhome insurance

Save Money on Motorhome Insurance

Before you decide to purchase your motorhome insurance, it is wise to learn what types of policies are available, and the features of each to make sure the cover suits your needs.

  • Three types of policies are offered: third party, third party theft and fire, and comprehensive insurance. Each provides different levels of cover.
  • Cover for travel overseas. If you plan to travel outside the UK, it is essential to purchase a policy that covers you for travelling overseas.
  • Cover of your motorhome’s important equipment for navigation, audio and video equipment
  • Cover of personal belongings. A motorhome is your second home and your personal belongings are inside. It is important to have a policy that covers them
  • Mechanical coverage. If your motorhome has an engine problem or breaks down, be sure to know if the policy covers the cost of repairs
  • Alternative accommodation. If your motorhome breaks down or is damaged and is unlivable, know if the policy covers your stay in a hotel until the repairs are complete
  • Cover for your camping equipment and attached awning
  • Cover for windscreen and glass replacement. Additionally, find out if the policy covers damages to side and rear windows
  • Cover for all members who are travelling with you
  • Cover of personal accidents, liability, floods, and storm damage
  • Cover for legal fees, if you are involved in a dispute
  • Cover for break-in and theft
  • Cover for lost motorhome keys
  • Cover for minor to major damage to your motorhome due to an accident;
  • Cover includes a 24 hour and 365 day helpline service.

Tips to lower your motorhome insurance premium cost

A motorhome is an expensive vehicle, and finding the right insurance company with cheap and affordable insurance takes a lot of work. Some insurance companies who offer cheap car insurance also offer motorhome insurance. Contact their specialist in this type of insurance. The cost of a policy may be reduced, if you:

  • Use your motorhome for a short vacation;
  • Plan to travel around the country and not overseas;
  • Provide a low estimation of mileage driven each year;
  • Have an older type of motorhome;
  • Store your motorhome in a place with adequate security;
  • Have not made any prior insurance claims;
  • Have a clean driving record;
  • Increase voluntary excess payment;
  • Have a full no claims bonus;
  • Equip your motorhome with a complete and approved security system, such as a  tracking device, security alarm, immobiliser, and reversing camera;
  • Join a motorhome club.

By searching online for insurance companies, may save you time and money. Ask for quotes and compare each company’s policy in order to select the right one providing suitable cover at an affordable premium. This comparison is also important in order to find out what is excluded in their policy. Some insurance companies will not offer cover if you use your motorhome as a place to live permanently.

Insuring your motorhome is necessary to give you peace of mind, knowing that your policy will protect you and your motorhome during your travels.