Cheap Car Insurance for First Time Drivers

You can still get a deal when you compare car insurance for first time drivers online

It can get frustrating to search for cheap car insurance for first time drivers, and it can be difficult to find a policy that is affordable when there is no driving history available for the insurance company to judge by. Premiums tend to be more expensive for first time drivers because many people who fall into this category are teenagers. Teenagers have a greater chance of having accidents, so they are lumped into a high risk group and tend to pay more expensive premiums. However, there are some great ways of potentially bringing the cost of your insurance payments down.

Shop Around a Bit

One of the most important things that you can do when looking for cheap car insurance for first time drivers is look at your options. Don’t be tempted to buy the first policy that is offered to you. By using an online price comparison site to obtain quotes, you may be able to lower your premiums. Looking at a number of quotes will help you to know what you can expect to pay each month.  Also research individual policies.

Whether you decide to buy your policy online, contact the company by phone, or opt to visit a local office to speak with an insurance broker face to face, comparing the cover differences between a few plans within your price range could be of great benefit.

Ways to possibly reduce premiums

You can still save money as a first time driver, compare now to see how much

First Time Drivers Could Still Save Money

Cheaper car insurance for first time drivers does not have to come at the sacrifice of the level of cover. You may be able to receive all the benefits that you need while still getting a competitively priced premium by considering various things. For instance, the lower the insurance group your car comes under the lower the premium. Safety features can lower insurance premiums by making a car a lower risk for theft such as an alarm, immobiliser, or tracking device. You may be able to pay a higher voluntary excess. You could pay the premium annually rather than monthly. Don’t get any points on your driving license.