Womens Car Insurance

Save money on womens car insurance

Until late in 2012, women providing the exact same details as men when getting a car insurance quote would have probably paid less for their car insurance than their male counterpart. This was for a variety of reasons such as the fact that women were, on average, more careful drivers than men resulting in them having fewer accidents and insurance companies having to pay out less in claims.

Women can save on car insurance premiums

Womens Car Insurance

However, this all changed when, on the 21st December 2012, the European Court of Justice Gender Ruling came into force meaning that insurance companies including car insurance companies could no longer favour women over men (and vice versa) because of their sex when it came to calculating premiums.

It may be a sensible idea for women drivers to consider using a car insurance price comparison website to obtain a number of quotes from different companies to compare as well as study the features and benefits of the car insurance provided by each company. This may give lady drivers the opportunity to get a competitive car insurance deal which, we are sure you will agree, has got to be a good thing.