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When To Consider Taking Out Third Party Only Car Insurance

You are no doubt aware that you have a choice of three types of car insurance as well as numerous car insurance companies. Just to recap they are as follows: – Third party only – this will provide cover for … Continue reading

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Why Take Out Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Fully comprehensive car insurance is the most costly of the three levels of cover with those being third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. In the current economic climate there are an increasing number of families struggling … Continue reading

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Is It Possible To Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium?

With an increasing number of people in the UK struggling to meet their household bills wouldn’t it be great news if you were able to reduce your car insurance premiums. It has to be said that, for many women, that … Continue reading

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The Impact Of Flooding On Car Insurance

Here in the UK, in the last few days, we have had a far greater amount of rain than normal with rivers bursting their banks and excessive amounts of water on our roads with some vehicles finding themselves partially submerged … Continue reading

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Is Cheap Car Insurance Worth Having?

Here in the UK, people are still going through troubled times from a financial perspective. Many of you will have had to “tighten your belts” in recent years trying to find ways of reducing your family’s expenditure, giving up on … Continue reading

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