Student Car Insurance

Get cheap insurance for students

While it can be a relief for parents when their teenager gets a driver’s license and they don’t have to chauffer their child around anymore, it can be frustrating to search for student car insurance – mostly because of the expense involved. The costs of insuring a student can add up quickly, but there are some ways to possible reduce the price.

Why is Insurance for Students so Expensive?

Cheap car insurance for students

Students May Be Able To Save Money On Their Car Insurance

One word: statistics. It is a known fact that a higher percentage of students at university or college are more likely to have an accident driving a car than someone say 30 years of age who is employed. However, there may be things that can be done to make the payments easier on your budget.

Compare Insurance Providers

As with any kind of insurance, it is important to compare providers before purchasing student car insurance. One way of doing this is by using a price comparison website from which you may be able to get numerous quotes to look at.

Choose a Car Carefully

While it is tempting to buy a shiny new car, this could increase insurance costs significantly as may one with a high performance engine. The model and age of a car may directly affect the insurance premiums – purchasing a used car may reduce these costs.

Vehicle Security

A car alarm and other anti-theft devices, such as an engine immobilizer and tracking device may help lower the premium as they could act as a deterrent to a car thief.

Keep a Clean Record

Make sure that you keep your driving record clean. Avoid getting points on your driving license for such things as speeding.  Accident claims, even for minor ones, may also make your premiums go up even if the insurance company doesn’t pay on your claim. If you have no accident claims then you can start to build a no claims discount.

Low Mileage

If you only drive 2,000 miles a year then your car insurance premiums may be less than if you drove 25,000 miles per annum.