Sports Car Insurance

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If any car is in need of a great insurance policy, a sports car is. Getting insurance for your sports car in the UK is a little different than finding a policy for your everyday car, though. Sports cars are classified as high performance, meaning that they can cost more to insure. It does not have to damage your budget, though. You can find affordable sports car insurance – it just takes a little research and work to find the most suitable policy for you and your lifestyle. Many factors are taken into consideration when companies quote premium prices for sports car policies.

Why Speciality Insurance is Needed for Sports Cars

The cost of repair work in the event that you are in a collision are higher than those for your everyday car. This is because many performance cars use parts that are uncommon and have to be shipped in or a mechanic has to be located who has the knowledge to fix the vehicle. Sports cars are also many times more likely to be stolen than an everyday car. An insurance policy that provides for all of these situations – and more – could give you peace of mind.

What is a Sports Car?

Sports cars generally have quite a high group rating either because they are high performance right off the assembly line or because they have been modified heavily to increase their performance. A sports car’s engine has far more power than average cars on the road and they can reach top speed more quickly. Chances are, when you first begin wanting after that car in the dealership, a salesman will tell you right away that it is a high performance sports car because many people are impressed by a powerful vehicle.

Insurance Premium Costs

Sports car insurance premiums and excesses are typically higher than for those of standard car insurance policies. This increase in premium cost is because insurance companies presume that a person who owns a performance car or sports car is less responsible and more likely to have to file a future claim. Sports car owners have a higher likelihood of being reckless because of the car’s power, meaning that they are more apt to get into either accidents with other drivers or on their own.

Premium costs go up because the price of repair and replacement parts are higher for sports cars, as well. Many owners enjoy modifying sports cars – this may make the premiums increase significantly, particularly if you made modifications to the engine itself. If you consider modifying your car after purchasing a sports car insurance policy, consult with your insurance company to make sure that the modifications will not make your premiums go up to an amount that you cannot easily handle.

How to Lower Your Premiums

You may be able to get your premiums a bit lower by adding security features if not already installed such as an alarm, tracking device or engine immobilizer.

Online Quotes for Sports Cars

Getting online quotes through insurance comparison sites may help you to find great deals on such policies. By using these, you can compare quotes and cover from a number of different insurance companies, allowing you to choose the policy that will fit you and your car best.