Short Term Car Insurance

Get cheap short term car insurance online

Short term car insurance – also labelled temporary car insurance by some companies – insures a vehicle for a short period of time with cover that can extend anywhere from 24 hours to a few months. Few companies used to offer it. Currently, though, many insurance providers are offering short term policies. Most often, it is used by individuals who are going to another country for business or vacation and will need to drive while there. Laws and regulations on driving differ between most countries and standard car insurance usually does not cover policy holders when they travel internationally. There are more uses for short term car insurance, though. Short term policies are separated into two varieties that are useful in certain circumstances.

Daily Cover

This variety of short term insurance extends cover to a car for anywhere between a single day and 28 days. It can be paid per day or each week it is used, and it is typically used for renting a car locally, borrowing a friend or relative’s vehicle for a short time, or when driving internationally. Some parents are also taking out short term car insurance in the event that their sibling driver will be using the family car until he or she can buy one of their own. Daily insurance meets the UK’s requirements by law for car insurance cover but doesn’t require a long term commitment.  Most car dealerships will not permit a car to be driven off the premises unless the buyer can show them proof of insurance cover so short term cover may be useful in this respect. Daily short term cover also covers moving vans to transport belongings when relocating or just for the use of moving a large appliance or piece of furniture from the store to your home.

Monthly Cover

These longer term policies can provide cover for up to several months. They are paid monthly, in the same way that standard car insurance premiums are paid. People are choosing monthly short term cover increasingly because it provides them with most of the same benefits as standard policies while creating less commitment. An excellent advantage of this type of insurance is the fact that there are no cancellation fees if you need to cancel the policy early for some reason.

Cover Quality

Short term insurance is just as high in quality as a standard car insurance policy.

Policy Rates

Short term car insurance is usually less costly than a standard insurance policy. Most companies providing it do require that the premium is paid up front before the policy can be put into effect. Just as with standard car insurance, short term car insurance premiums depend on such things as how much cover you want, the geographical area that the car will be located, the make and model of the car and the driver’s personal and driving history.

Finding Short Term Insurance

Get short term car insurance cover You can ask about short term policies for cars and other vehicles with any UK car insurance provider – even if their company does not offer it, they can usually point you in the right direction. You may also want to consider looking online as some sites for insurance companies have forms that you can fill in with a small amount of personal information and submit to receive an estimate. You can get more detailed quotes to fit your situation by providing the company with further information such as your driving record and any past insurance claims. You may want to shop around a bit before deciding on a car insurance provider. You can check price comparison websites to see if they provide quotes.