Modified Car Insurance

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Vehicle modification is an enormous industry. It is a hobby for some people and an entire culture unto itself for the greatest of enthusiasts. Cars are modified in many ways. It all depends on their passion for modifying and how much money they have to invest in it. Enthusiasts can put a great deal of money into a car – sometimes tens of thousands of pounds – simply to improve and modify their dearly loved vehicle. Car modification brings a sense of accomplishment and pleasure to many, regardless of the fact that the more a car is modified, the more frighteningly expensive it will be if something happens to the vehicle, such as theft, accident, or vandalism. For this reason, it is important for anyone who modified or is interested in modifying their car to know about modified car insurance.


It isn’t easy to find a car insurance policy to cover a highly modified vehicle at a reasonable cost, and not all insurance companies offer cover. Many insurance providers are willing to cover cars that have modifications on parts such as hood, spoiler, exterior, bumpers, or skirt. They might also insure audio and video customisations. However, there are some modifications that might pose problems when you begin searching for cover, such as changes to the engine. The most typical modifications to a car’s engine are meant to make the car faster. This is a problem for insurance companies, which assume that a faster engine means the car’s owner will be driving it at top speed at least occasionally. It is a bit easier to find cover for mild engine modifications, but if you have modified your car’s engine profoundly, turning it into a hot rod, you might have some problems acquiring insurance cover.

Other Determinants of Cover

Insurance companies also take into account the owner’s level of risk when considering providing him or her with modified car insurance. Their predicted level of risk depends on such things as the car owner’s driving history, age and geographical location.

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Modified Vehicle Insurance

Types of Modifications

Insurance companies place modified cars into one of two groups. These are ‘street cars’ or ‘show cars’. Street car owners typically have a difficult time getting cover. They are seen as very high risk for road accidents and have more of a risk for theft and vandalism because they are used in the way an ordinary car is driven. Show cars can more easily obtain modified car insurance because owners do not drive them as a primary mode of transportation. They are for car shows and exhibitions and spend much of their time protected in storage, making them low risk for accidents.

Making Modified Cover Affordable

When you do find a cheap car insurance company that will provide you with modified car insurance, there are some ways that you can make it more affordable. Find a secure place to store your modified car. You should look for a storage facility that is difficult to access for people who do not have cars stored there, locks up well, and has good security. If you wish to store your car at home, be sure to install locks on your garage doors and have some kind of security system attached to it. Also have some high quality security features installed on your car. A good car alarm will fend off many would-be thieves and a tracking device will help the authorities to find your car quickly in the event that it is stolen. If you are installing new alloys on the car, make sure that they are attached with locking nuts and store the key separately from the car.

Keep Your Insurance Company Updated

When you are able to buy an insurance policy on your modified car, it is essential that you update your provider on new modifications so that your policy can stay current. Consider talking to your provider about these changes before you make them. This is particularly important if you are thinking about modifying your car’s engine with a nitrous oxide kit.

Comparison Sites

Don’t let the challenge of acquiring an insurance policy for a modified car scare you as you can always look on a price comparison site. You can still go and compare online quotes for your car model and look into the information that you find.