Cheap Caravan Insurance

Compare quotes online to get cheap caravan insurance

Having a caravan is the best way to experience fantastic outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. While not required by the law in the UK, caravan insurance is worth considering bearing in mind how much money you have invested in your caravan. Caravan insurance does not only give you peace of mind, it also provides you with reimbursement, in the event of an unfortunate loss or tragedy.

Types of caravan insurance

A caravan can be made static, or remain permanently in one place, such as park or campsite. A caravan can also be used for traveling or touring by hitching it behind a vehicle. Both ways of using a caravan brings different risks.

For a touring caravan the risks are from collision, side winds and improper loading. The risks to a static caravan, used sparingly, are from Mother Nature, such as snowstorms and floods. Despite these differences, both types of caravans share risks—theft and fire.

If you are using your caravan for touring, consider purchasing touring caravan insurance. For a static caravan, remaining in one place, consider purchasing static caravan insurance.

Tips to determine the right insurance for your caravan

Whether you have a traveling or static caravan, it is important to protect you and your caravan. Here is what to consider before you purchase a caravan insurance policy:

  • Determine the value of your caravan including all accessories. The age of the caravan may affect the premium;
  • Calculate the value of the important equipment inside the caravan, such as the fridge, freezer, cooker, television and electronic devices;
  • Learn what the policy does not cover. High priced personal and portable items such as laptop computers, cameras and jewelry are excluded
  • Select the right cover. A ‘New for Old’ policy will replace your caravan with the most recent model, or its equivalent if stolen and not recovered, or damaged beyond repair. If you select a ‘Market Value’ policy, and the caravan is damaged and not repairable or is stolen, the insurance company will replace your loss with a similar value caravan, or reimburse you the current market value. ‘Market Value’ coverage may be cheaper than a ‘New for Old’ policy.

Tips to lower your caravan insurance cost

Similar to other vehicle insurance, the premium for caravan insurance may be lowered if you:

  • Secure your traveling caravan with a hitch lock and wheel clamp to deter theft. You can add a caravan alarm or a tracking device. Having such may increase the chance of recovering the caravan;
  • If you are not able to park your touring caravan at home, choose an approved caravan storage company with the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association accreditation. Alternatively, you can store your caravan in a caravan park with seasonal pitches. Learn who are the insurers for the company and, if their on-site security is sufficient to prevent theft or damage to clients’ caravans;
  • Avoid parking your caravan along a public highway. Park it in your driveway, lawn or garden to avoid damage from passing traffic or theft;
  • Reduce the amount of mileage you tow your caravan each year;
  • Install a smoke detector;
  • Have a property management company check regularly on the condition of your static caravan;
  • Increase your voluntary excess;
  • Become a member of a caravaning club;
  • Shop online for insurance as you may be able to find a cheaper policy to choose from. With due diligence, you may be able to find affordable yet suitable insurance for your caravan. Check out car insurance companies as many also offer insurance for caravans. Contact them for quotes for an affordable premium. Then you can compare each quote to select the right one. This comparison will help you to find the ideal insurance cover at an affordable premium.

Having caravan insurance will make your travel and holiday more enjoyable. You are free to take pleasure in the beautiful environment and create a memorable vacation.