Cheap Car Insurance for Women

How women can save money on car insurance

Many women have different needs when it comes to car insurance – they are on the road a great deal, particularly when there are children to taxi around and errands to run. You may be able to find cheap car insurance for women through a number of insurance providers.  In general, there are three types of insurance policy that are offered to potential policy holders – third party only, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive.

Third Party Only Insurance

Third party only insurance is the minimum insurance required by UK law. Fortunately, it is usually the most affordable of the three types. If you are searching for cheap car insurance for women and are on a tight budget, third party insurance might be what you need. It typically covers the driver’s liability for any injuries or death to other people as well as damage to other property but your own car is not covered for any damage to it or should it be stolen.

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

Third party fire and theft insurance has two great advantages over third party cover because it also covers your car in the event of theft or fire. The rest of the cover is the same as for third party insurance.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance

Usually, the most expensive of the three options, fully comprehensive insurance carries the broadest cover and has the most features. Just because you are looking for cheap car insurance for women does not mean you cannot find a great fully comprehensive policy.  Fully comprehensive car insurance covers everything that third party fire and theft does with the addition of cover for damage to your own car even if the accident was your fault.

Extra Cover Options

After deciding which type of policy fits your needs, you can then think about the details. Most insurance providers offer some extras that can affect your monthly premiums, sometimes pretty significantly. These include benefits such as legal expense coverage, protection for no claims discounts, and the number of drivers insured on your policy.

Legal Expense Cover

This may pay for any legal costs that could arise from a claim against another motorist that was not insured.

No Claims Discount Protection

This may be worth the additional cost of including this option. If you have a great driving history with no claims on your policy, you can protect against losing that record. By protecting this discount, you can be allowed a certain amount of claims before they damage your discount.

Other Insured Drivers

Car insurance that covers any driver or additional named drivers who use your car is often more expensive because companies feel that this is a high risk.

No matter which policy option you are thinking of going with, it’s important to compare them. Online price comparison sites usually allow you to compare quotes from a number of car insurance providers.