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Smaller than a motorhome, a campervan offers freedom to travel around the UK or overseas on a budget. Traveling is comfortable, as most campervans are equipped with fold out sleeping accommodation, a cooking and washing area and some even include a shower and portable toilet. Purchasing campervan insurance is mandatory.

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Insurance companies offer detailed information on their websites about affordable campervan insurance. It is easy to request quotes to compare the cost of each, coverage and other optional features.

How to find the right campervan insurance policy to fit your requirements

Campervan insurance is available in three different policies: third party, third party theft and fire, and comprehensive cover. Before you decide to purchase insurance, you need detailed information about the cover.

Here are some important features about a campervan policy you need to know:

  • Cover should be comprehensive for traveling overseas
  • Roadside breakdown and recovery policy
  • Equipment cover for the likes of an awning, generator, cooker, refrigerator, satellite dish and television
  • Cover for your personal belongings
  • Cover for your bike
  • Policy to cover damages to tyres, windscreen and glass
  • Cover to replace the keys of your campervan with new when lost or stolen
  • Cover public liability when you are involved in accident
  • Personal accident cover
  • Cover for other members who will be traveling with you
  • If your campervan is damaged and not repairable, the insurance policy will cover the cost of replacement or reimburse you
  • Cover when your campervan is stolen
  • Cover when involved in a non-fault accident.

How to lower your campervan insurance cost

The cost of your insurance is determined by several factors: the make and model of the van, the amount of customization, the vehicle’s age, engine size, and annual mileage driven. It also depends on your age, driving record, and whether you have made claims in the past.

Here are some tips that may lower the cost of your premium:

  • Use your campervan for a short vacation. The premium may be higher if you use your campervan for a longer period of time as the insurer may perceive you as a higher risk to be involved in an accident
  • Equip your campervan with insurance company approved security devices, such as, door locks, immobiliser, tracking device, and security alarm
  • Pay a higher amount of voluntary excess to reduce the risk to the insurance company, and to lower the cost of your premium
  • Insure your campervan with the same insurance company who insured your primary vehicle
  • Insuring the content of the campervan causes the premium to increase. Be sure to determine only those items you want your insurance to cover
  • Store or park your campervan in a secure storage place or one with tight security. Also comply with your insurance company’s requirements for storing the campervan
  • Have a regular inspection of your campervan’s gas bottle to ensure no leakage
  • Join a campervan club. The insurance company will see you are serious and a responsible campervan owner. This perception may lead them to lower your premium cost

Choose the insurance company who will provide excellent customer service – one that includes a 24 hour and 365 day helpline to make it easy to report a claim. Campervan insurance will help you recover and to get you back on your feet again by taking care of all the important matters in claiming your policy. Having the right campervan policy will give you peace of mind and make your travels enjoyable.