Motorists Not Prepared For Breakdowns In The Winter

Some interesting research has been carried out by NFU Mutual that provides a variety of insurances including motor insurance to numerous drivers here in the UK relating to how well motorists prepare should their cars break down in the winter … Continue reading

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Help For Older Customers To Find Motor Insurance

As you get older, it can become increasingly difficult to obtain car insurance with fewer providers offering such cover to very elderly people. If you find yourself in this situation then you may be interested to read that there is … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons Of Using An Insurance Broker

If you are looking to arrange motor insurance then there are a variety of ways that you can sort out such cover. One of those is by using the services of a high street insurance broker but what are some … Continue reading

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What Concerns Motorists?

Drivers may be interested in reading the Report on Motoring for 2019 produced by the RAC. The document can be found on the website but we thought that we would highlight some of the things contained in the report. … Continue reading

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Men Make More Claims On Their Car Insurance Than Women

An informative report has been produced by that is a well-known price comparison website relating to the gender gap between men and women in relation to driving. We thought that you may find some of the information contained in … Continue reading

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Make Sure You De-Ice Your Car Windows

It is that time of year when the mornings are getting much colder. You have slept in so rush out to your car on the drive with a view to getting in and setting off for work as quickly as … Continue reading

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Car Insurance Premiums Increase

On a quarterly basis, publishes its car insurance price index that provides data relating to fully comprehensive car insurance here in the UK. The most recent report covering the third quarter of 2019 shows a rise in premiums over … Continue reading

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Many Young Motorists Unsure About Insurance Terms

When arranging car insurance, a lot of motorists probably focus on how much their cover is going to cost with fewer drivers possibly not paying a huge amount of attention as to exactly what he or she is covered for. … Continue reading

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Increase In Fraudulent Motor Insurance Claims

In March 2019, Cifas announced that there had been a significant increase in fraudulent motor insurance claims here in the UK over a 12 month period. Cifas is a fraud prevention organisation that has many members who provide it with … Continue reading

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What Could Invalidate Your Car Insurance?

Motorists need to be aware what sorts of changes in their circumstances or to their car could result in their motor insurance policies being declared invalidate if they do not inform the insurer that they have made them potentially resulting … Continue reading

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