Finding Budget Car Insurance

How to get budget car insurance online

Finding budget insurance for your car on your own can be pretty challenging, but the potential benefits of matching insurance to your financial situation could outweigh the trouble that you go to. No matter how tight your finances are you are legally required to have car insurance. There are ways to reduce the amount of premiums.

Shop Around

How to get car insurance on a budgetThe cost for the same cover and benefits may vary from one insurance company to the next. Therefore it may pay you to shop around and get a number of quotes.One of the ways of doing this is to use a car insurance price comparison website.


The larger the excess is that you choose to pay towards any claim that you make on your car insurance the lower the premium may be. You may be able to compare the impact different levels of excess will have on the premium before making a final decision.

Do Some Digging for Discounts

Discounts are well worth the time it takes to find them. For instance, if you have certain security features such as an alarm, engine immobiliser or tracking device fitted you may be able to get a lower premium than if they were not fitted.If you have a good driving record then you may be able to benefit from a no claims discount.

Consider Using One Company For More Than One Product

It may be possible to get a cheaper car insurance premium if you use the same company for the likes of your buildings and contents insurance as well as your car insurance.

Advanced Driving Test

You may be able to get cheaper car insurance by taking the advanced driving test as some insurance companies may see you as being less of a risk on the road resulting in it being less likely that you will have an accident and claim on your budget car insurance policy.

Driving Convictions

If you have a clean driving license with no penalty points on it you are more likely to pay less for your car insurance than if you had been caught speeding.

So, when you are looking for budget car insurance, keep your past driving record in mind. If you have been in a lot of accidents and filed many claims, insurance companies may see you as high risk and may charge you higher premiums.

However, by taking on board some of the above, may help you get budget car insurance.