Are Your Car Insurance Premiums Increasing?

Here in the UK, many of us are faced with increasing bills such as electricity, gas, oil, the cost of filling up our cars and the repayments for our mortgages. So, we could do without having to pay more for our car insurance.

Well, unfortunately, the Confused, com Car Insurance Price Index reveals that for the first three months of this year premiums for car insurance have risen to an average of £550 per annum – up from an average of £529 per annum in the last quarter of 2021. It may not seem a big rise but it is unwelcome news.

There are so many things that dictate how much an insurer charges for car insurance such as the make and model of car, the number of miles you drive it each year, your age, where you live, what you use the car for, who else can drive the car, the level of cover and your driving history i.e. do you have any motoring convictions.

If you live in a built up area then you are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident so it will probably not come as a surprise to read that those motorists living in the Inner London region pay more for their car insurance than any other region in the UK with the average cost being £884 per annum. If you live in the Merseyside or Manchester region then the average cost is £697 per annum. Those living in the central and north region of Wales pay an average of £383 per annum. The cheapest region is the borders of Scotland with premiums averaging £370 per annum.

If your existing cover is shortly coming up for renewal why not get in touch with us to get a no-obligation, competitive quotation for your car insurance whether it be for fully comprehensive cover, third party cover or third party fire and theft cover. We await your enquiry.

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