Are Speed Cameras Effective?

The purpose of speed cameras on roads in the UK are to make roads safer for both motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. So, how effective are speed cameras at reducing road traffic accidents?

Well, apparently, s study that covered the period between 1992 and 2016 found that the number of people killed dropped by between 58% to 68% as a result of the positioning of speed cameras on some of our roads in the UK. Also, the number of accidents dropped by between 17% to 39% as a result of the presence of speed cameras. We are sure that you will agree these are significant reductions and indicate just how effective speed cameras have been.

If you are caught speeding then shortly after being caught on camera you will be notified in writing and asked to pay a fine plus you will receive at least 3 points on your driving license. How much you have exceeded the speed limit has a bearing upon the amount of the fine and the number of points. When your car insurance comes up for renewal you may see an increase in your premium. You may have the option to attend a speed awareness course instead that may mean that your car insurance premium does not rise at renewal. In certain instances, you could be imprisoned and banned from driving.

Nowadays there are a growing number of speed cameras on our roads. Quite simply it is not worth taking the risk and exceeding the speed limit. Not only could you be putting the lives of yourself and your passengers at risk but you could also be putting at risk the lives of other road users and pedestrian.

There are many types of speed cameras such as fixed speed cameras, variable speed cameras and mobile speed cameras contained within speed camera vans that park in certain locations to catch motorists exceeding the speed limit. Don’t take the risk – always keep within the speed limit.

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