Are You Allowed To Receive A Payment For Giving A Friend A Lift?

There are no doubt going to be occasions when you give a friend a lift in your car say to work or to a party. However, are you permitted to receive a monetary payment from your friend for the journey?

Assuming that you are not a taxi driver or offer a private vehicle hire service then yes you can accept a payment from your friend but you are not permitted to make a profit from the journey. In very simple terms, this really means that you can receive a contribution towards your fuel cost.

So, if it cost say £3.00 in petrol costs and your friend gave you £10.00 then this would not be acceptable and you run the risk of your car insurance being invalidated. You could also face a fine of up to £2,500 and presumably get points on your driving license resulting in the cost of insuring your car increasing. It would be so easy just to accept the £10.00 but, we are sure that you will agree, it is not worth taking the risk.

Another consideration worth bearing in mind is the pandemic. If you give a friend a lift in your car which is a confined space then you may wish to ensure that your friend does not have COVID-19. In that respect, check with them first before committing to giving them a lift.

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