Changing Cars – How To Transfer Your Car Insurance

Not many motorists keep the same car throughout their life. In fact, many people end up buying and selling/ part exchanging several vehicles over a lifetime. So, what do you need to do if you are swapping your car for a different one as far as your motor insurance goes?

You will be pleased to read that the process is relatively simple. Assuming that you are changing your vehicle during the term of your policy all you need to usually do is ring up your existing insurance company to notify them that you are changing your car. The person that you speak to will ask for details of the new vehicle i.e. vehicle registration number, and confirm the make and model. You will no doubt also be asked such things as if there have been any modifications to the vehicle, where the vehicle is to be kept at night, the level of cover you require, what the car is to be used for, how many miles you estimate you will drive in it each year and if you have any driving convictions.

Once the insurer has all the information it requires you will be provided with a quote as the premium may have changed whether it has increased or reduced. You will be asked when you want the cover to end on your existing car and when you want the cover to start on the new car. In due course, a revised policy schedule will be issued.

It is quite possible that you will be charged an administration fee.

If you cancelled your policy mid-term to arrange cover with another insurer then you may well be charged an additional sum.

If it happens that your existing cover has come to an end at the same time you are changing your vehicle then you could always get a quote from both your existing provider as well as competitor insurers and if you can get the cover cheaper with a new provider you can always inform your existing insurer that you do not wish to renew your policy and just take one out with the new insurance company with no additional sum being charged by your existing insurer.

So, as you can see, the process is relatively straightforward.

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