Don’t Leave Your Car Unattended With The Engine Running

Winter appears to be fast approaching. Depending upon where you live in the UK, you may have gone out to your car first thing in the morning in the last couple of days and found that the windows are frozen over as temperatures have fallen below freezing point. Like a lot of people, you may decide to start the car up and then pop back inside your warm home to have a quick bowl of cereal before setting off for work in your frost-free car.

However, what happens if, when opening the front door, you are shocked to find that your car is no longer on the drive? Your initial reaction is probably going to be to get on the phone to the police to report the theft of your vehicle. Then, you will probably ring the insurer of your motor vehicle to let them know your car has been stolen thinking that you have cover in place for such an event.

Unfortunately, you are probably going to be very upset to be informed by your insurance company that because you left the vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition you are not covered for it being stolen.

There are no doubt quite a lot of motorists who drive to their local supermarket to buy a pint of milk and leave their keys in the car unattended only to come out of the shop to find that the car has been stolen. Again, he or she would be unlikely to be able to have a claim accepted by their motor insurance provider.

So, don’t leave your keys in your car when there is nobody in the vehicle. Always take them with you no matter how short a time you are going to be away from your vehicle. It is just not worth taking the risk of having your vehicle stolen.

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