Initiative Results in More Than 150,000 Drivers Insuring Their Vehicles

Motorists will no doubt be aware that it is a legal requirement that unless a vehicle is declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) it must be insured with a minimum of third party cover. Despite this it would appear that an awful lot of motorists are not bothering to insure their vehicles. In fact, last year, there were more than 148,000 vehicles seized in the UK as they did not have any insurance cover in place.

The penalties for being caught without insurance on your vehicle can be severe. For instance, you could get 6 penalty points on your license, a fixed penalty of £300 and your vehicle could end up being taken from you and disposed of. You could also be taken to court and banned from driving and get an unlimited fine. The cost of your motor insurance could also increase.

In January 2020, an initiative by NPCC’s National Roads Policing Operations, Intelligence and Investigation was put in place whereby motorists who did not appear to have insured their vehicles according to the Motor Insurance Database were contacted in writing. As a result, since the above date, 215,000 letters were sent out resulting in 151,464 motorists sorting out motor insurance. In August 2021, there were in excess of 10,000 motorists who, as a result of the initiative, sorted out their motor insurance who for whatever reason had not had cover in place.

It really is not worth the risk in deliberately not insuring your car or other motor vehicle when you are legally required to do so.

If you are looking to insure your first car or you have just received a renewal notice for your existing motor insurance policy why not get in touch with us with a view to obtaining a competitive quote without any obligation to proceed. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

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