Drop In Road Fatalities In 2020

Back on 24th June 2021, the Government produced the “Reported road casualties Great Britain, provisional results: 2020 report” in which there were some interesting statistics relating to deaths and injuries on our roads. Below we mention just a few of the statistics but the report can be read in its entirety by visiting the gov.uk website.

It was estimated that there were 1,472 road deaths reported last year with this figure being 16% less than in 2019. We need to bear in mind that, for a few months in 2020, the lockdown was insitu resulting in fewer cars being on our roads resulting in a lower number of road traffic accidents. In 2020 vehicles were estimated to have travelled 286 billion miles with this being 21% less than in 2019 – a significant fall. There were fewer claims on motor insurance policies in 2020 when compared with the previous year.

There were estimated to be 115,333 casualties on our roads in 2020 with this being a drop of 25% when compared with 2019. Of this figure, there were estimated to be 22,014 serious injuries and 91,847 slight injuries to casualties.

Of the reported fatalities in 2020, there were 624 involving cars, 282 involving motor cyclists, 140 involving pedal cycles and 355 involving pedestrians. With the exception of pedal cyclists, all saw a drop when compared with 2019.

Of the total casualties in 2020, there were 64,112 involving cars, 13,570 involving motor cyclists, 16,230 involving pedal cyclists and 14,717 involving pedestrians. All saw a fall when compared with 2019.

Whilst it is good to see a drop in the number of deaths and injuries on our roads in 2020, we must remember that COVID-19 will have had an impact on the figures. Had the coronavirus not taken place then presumably there would have been more deaths and injuries on our roads. It is to be hoped that 2021 sees a fall in such statistics and, in this respect, we will endeavor to keep you updated.

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