Analysis By Co-op Insurance Reveals London Is UK Hotspot For Car Theft

Nobody likes to return to where they last parked their car to find that it has been stolen. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of car theft happening in the UK but where is it most prevalent?

Well, Co-op Insurance undertook some analysis of its claims data covering the four year period 2016 to 2020 and discovered that London has more cars stolen than anywhere else in the UK. In fact, the top ten postcodes that encounter car thefts are all in London. The worst affected area was Lambeth followed by Kensington and Chelsea with Ealing being in third place.

Outside London, Three Rivers in Hertfordshire has the most number of car thefts. In next place, outside London, is Preston in Lancashire followed by Slough in Berkshire.

The location in the UK with the lowest level of car theft is Moray in North East Scotland. Mid Devon in South West England is in third spot. Denbighshire in North Wales is in twelfth place. So, it would appear that some rural areas are less susceptible to car theft.

It is interesting to find that the Ford Fiesta is the most likely car to be stolen followed by the Ford Focus with the Vauxhall Corsa being in third place.

So, how can you potentially reduce the possibility of your car being stolen? Well, you could consider having an alarm, engine immobiliser and a tracking device fitted to act as a deterrent. You could get a steering lock. Be careful where you park your car i.e. if you have a garage – use it and park under a street light if you are out and about. Don’t leave your vehicle unlocked when you move away from it such as to pay for petrol at a filling station.

You may wish to make sure that you have suitable car insurance in place to cover you should it stolen. In this respect, why not get in touch with us and we will do all that we can to help you obtain a competitive quote without any obligation.

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