What Effect Does Your Job Title Have On Your Car Insurance Premium?

Readers may be interested to hear about some research carried out by Vanarama that is a commercial and personal vehicle leasing company into what impact someone’s job title can have on the cost of how much he or she will be charged for their car insurance here in the UK.

Apparently, the above company input certain information about a motorist into the car comparison website that is the biggest in the UK and then changed the job title using 100 of the most common titles to obtain car insurance quotations. The personal information that remained unchanged for all the quotes were things like no previous accident claims, the car was a Volkswagen Golf 1.5L 2020, the motorist was 38 years of age, there was a voluntary excess of £500, the number of miles driven in a year amounted to 7,600, the car was left in a car park at a factory or office in the day and was put in the householder’s garage at night, fully comprehensive cover was required and the driver had a driving license for a period of 14 years.

The job titles that attracted the highest premiums for car insurance were: –

1. Driver £479.80 per annum
2. Chef £420.73 per annum
3. Hairdresser £383.62 per annum
4. Bar Staff £381.69 per annum
5. Fitness Instructor £381.15 per annum

The job titles that attracted the lowest premiums for car insurance were: –

1. Mechanic £298.61 per annum
2. Administrator £308.44 per annum
3. Designer £312.91 per annum
4. Design Engineer £312.91 per annum
5. Account Executive £313.37 per annum

As you can see, someone doing a driving job for a living pays significantly more for their car insurance than a person who is a mechanic. You can view the 100 job titles on Vanarama’s website against which is annotated the annual car insurance premium.

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