Are You Covered During Lockdown?

There has been quite a lot of information on the Internet in the last few days about whether you are covered under your motor insurance policy if you are involved in a road traffic accident whilst travelling in your car during the current lockdown period.

The government rules say that you should remain at home unless it is for certain things such as going to work if you are not able to work from home, for medical reasons such as to visit your GP, exercising, caring for others, for education purposes such as taking the children to school and carrying out essential shopping such as visiting the supermarket to buy food.

There are some reports going about saying that you would not be covered under your car insurance policy if you use your vehicle for any other purpose than has been mentioned above.

It would be sensible to check with your car insurance company to find out what their policy would be should you be involved in a road traffic accident if you were making a non-essential journey or if your car were stolen whilst making such a journey. It may be that different insurance companies have different rules in this respect.

After all, if your car was written off in a road traffic accident and perhaps another vehicle was also written off and you discovered that you were not insured then the implications could be severe. You could be faced with a large claim from the other driver for the cost of them buying another car as well as having to fund the purchase of a replacement vehicle for yourself. If another party were seriously injured in the accident you could also be faced with a large claim for medical expenses. You could also be breaking the law and end up with a fine, points on your license, banned from driving and even imprisonment in very serious cases.

So, if you are unsure as to whether you are covered, get in contact with your car insurance provider to find out.

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