How May A 17 Year Old Driver Reduce Their Motor Insurance Premium?

It will probably not come as a surprise for readers to hear that a 17 year old who has just passed his or her driving test is likely to be charged more for their car insurance than a 50 year old mature driver with a clean driving license. So, how could a 17 year old driver lower their car insurance premiums?

Well, if you were to visit the price comparison website of GoCompare, you will find there is an interesting section that shows you how much a 17 tear old paying an average premium of £1,964 per annum may be able to save.

For instance, if he or she only drove 8,000 miles per annum rather than 12,000 miles per annum he or she may save as much as £126 per annum. If an additional driver was added to the policy who drives the car for part of the year there may be a saving of up to £196 per annum. Adding another additional driver who drives the car at times could save a further £272 per annum. If the premium was paid annually rather than monthly then a saving of as much as £140 per annum may be achieved. If telematics cover was taken out then a saving of as much as £182 per annum may be achieved by a 17 year old policyholder. As you can see, collectively, a significant saving may be achievable.

There are some other ways that a young motorist may be able to lower the cost of their motor insurance. The make and model of car that is purchased has a significant impact on the premium. For instance, a 1 litre 90 bhp 3 door hatchback is likely to be cheaper to insure than a 3 litre 250bhp sports car as a motorist is less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident in a less powerful car. If the car is fitted with one or more security devices such as an alarm, engine immobliser or tracking device, the cost of insuring the vehicle is likely to be lower than if none of these security devices were fitted as such devices act as a deterrent to car thieves. The use of a steering wheel lock may also lower the insurance cost. If the car is parked in a locked garage overnight rather than being left on the road the cost of insuring it is likely to be lower.

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