Almost 10% Of Motorists Are Unsure What Their Car Insurance Covers

You would have thought that having gone to the expense of arranging car insurance drivers would know what he or she is covered for. Well, apparently, according to research carried out between the 16th to 18th June 2020 on behalf of the price comparison website Money Expert by OnePoll, there were 9.3% of people taking part in the survey who had no idea what they were covered for. This does seem to be a very high percentage and is a little concerning.

As you may be aware, it is a legal requirement that car insurance is in place here in the UK unless the vehicle has been declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and the vehicle is kept off the public road network. Depending upon the level of cover, car insurance can provide protection in the event of the theft of your vehicle or damage to it in a road traffic accident and damage to other vehicles, injury or death of people and other property such as buildings. There are often other optional extras that can be included such as legal expenses cover, loss of key cover and breakdown cover.

The research also revealed that a staggering 21% of people taking part in the survey did not know how much they were paying for their car insurance on an annual basis. Again, this is a very high percentage and somewhat concerning. Perhaps if more people were aware of how much they were paying each year for their motor insurance a lot more people would decide to shop around for their cover to try to get a better deal.

Another interesting statistic to come out of the research revealed that 9% of motorists taking part in the survey strongly agreed that they would not know how to go about making a claim on their car insurance policy. Once again, this is a concerning percentage.

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