Is Your Car Insurance Cheaper If You Do Less Miles?

There are numerous factors that affect how much you pay for your car insurance one of which is how many miles you drive your car every year. In theory, someone doing 30,000 miles per annum is going to pay a higher premium than if they only drove 5,000 miles per annum in their vehicle.

However, some interesting research has been carried out by By Miles that charges customers a fixed annual amount to cover you for accidental damage, theft or vandalism whilst your car is parked plus a charge per mile. It looked at 1.7 million quotes from the price comparison website.

Their research revealed that on average a driver in the UK does 7,090 miles per annum. It is said by By Miles that those drivers doing less than 7,000 miles per annum are paying on average an extra £180 per annum for their standard car insurance with their insurer. Another interesting figure was that drivers doing 5,000 to 6,000 miles per annum are paying on average £215 per annum extra for their standard car insurance with their insurer than someone who does 11,000 to 12,000 miles a year in their car.

If you are shopping around for car insurance as your existing policy is coming up for renewal or you are looking for cover for the first time, you may wish to consider getting a quote from a company that charges on a per mile basis to see how the cost compares with a standard type of motor insurance policy.

Anything, as long as it is legal, that you can do to save some money has got to be welcomed in the current economic climate. It really does not take too long to shop around to see if you can lower the cost of your car insurance by using the likes of a price comparison website as part of your due diligence.

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