How May The Coronavirus Affect Your Car Insurance

As a result of the coronavirus, many people are not now travelling to work and their cars are spending more time on the drive or in the garage. Also, fewer journeys are being made in vehicles to shops as we are only supposed to use our cars for necessary journeys.

As a result of these things, there are probably going to be a lot less road traffic accidents resulting in the motor insurance providers having to pay out less in insurance claims. Therefore, some motorists may be asking whether their insurance company will be prepared to lower how much it charges its policyholders. Well, at the moment, as far as we are aware, nothing has been announced in this respect. Of course, there is nothing to stop you picking up the phone to your motor insurer to ask them if they are prepared to lower the premium.

One of the factors that effects how much you pay for your car insurance is how many miles per annum you travel in the vehicle each year. So, you may want to speak with your insurer to see if they can offer you a reduction in your premium if you are doing a lot less miles. However, you may wish to check with your insurer if this would mean you incurring an administration fee for making a change to your policy.

There are a lot of people who have volunteered to help people in the community by delivering groceries and medicines. If you are using a car to make such deliveries you will be pleased to read that you do not need to notify your insurer you are using your car for such a purpose.

If you normally travel by public transport to one place of work but now need to use your car, your car insurance will still cover you. If you work in a critical sector as detailed by the government and you use your car to travel to different locations to work you will still be covered by your motor insurance.

If you are self-isolating then you still need to insure your car unless it is declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and kept off the public highway.

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