Pothole Damage To Your Car – Can You Claim On Your Motor Insurance?

How many times a week does one or more of your car tyres drop into a pothole in the road as you are driving along sometimes feeling so severe that you are concerned that some damage has been caused to your tyre, the wheel, the suspension system or some other part of your vehicle? There are probably going to be occasions when you feel it necessary to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and check for any noticeable damage such as a rip in the tyre.

So, if you are of the opinion that some damage may have occurred to your vehicle are you able to claim on your car insurance for that damage? If you have fully comprehensive car insurance then the answer is “Yes” but if you only have third party or third party fire and theft then you will not be able to do so.

However, do bear in mind that if you claim on your car insurance you may have an excess to pay and it may affect your no-claims bonus and may result in your premium increasing at renewal.

An alternative option is that you could submit a claim to whoever is responsible for maintaining the road where the pothole is located such as the local authority or the Highways Agency. In this respect, you could get in touch with the appropriate authority and ask what their claims process is and try to persue your claim for compensation in that way.

Over the years, significant sums of money have been paid out by those responsible for making sure that roads in the UK are well maintained. So, do persevere if at first you encounter any problems. Car insurance providers may possibly have also paid out large amounts of money but perhaps you should only use the option of claiming on your comprehensive motor cover as a last resort in view of the reasons we have mentioned earlier.

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