Make Sure You De-Ice Your Car Windows

It is that time of year when the mornings are getting much colder. You have slept in so rush out to your car on the drive with a view to getting in and setting off for work as quickly as possible. You haven’t even had time to make yourself a slice of toast for breakfast or enjoy a hot mug of tea to warm you up.

However, there has been a heavy frost during the night and it is still below freezing when you open the front door of your home. Your car is frozen over and you will need to clear the windows of ice before setting off. You get out the ice scraper from the boot and hastily clear a small area of ice from the windscreen in front of the driver’s side. Then you get in your car, reverse off the drive and start heading for the office.

The windscreen is not fully clear of ice so you put on the booster heating fan directed at the windscreen in the hope that the windscreen will be fully cleared in a couple of minutes. You go around a bend at speed and plough into the back of another vehicle that you could not see due to your windscreen not being fully clear of ice.

This is not a good situation to find yourself in as you have broken the law by driving off in a car that has not had all its windows cleared of ice. Unfortunately, it is quite likely that you will be held responsible for the accident and you could end up being fined £60 and having 3 points added to your driving license. Then, when you come to claim on your car insurance, it is quite possible that the insurance company may deny your claim and refuse to payout due to the fact that you did not have a completely clear vision from one or more of the windows. You may also find that when you come to renew your car insurance that the premium is increasing

This could prove to be a costly error on your part. If only you had spent a few more minutes clearing all the windows of frost. Hindsight is a lovely thing but you could have put a cover over your car to protect it against frost or you could have put it in the garage rather than leaving it on the drive.

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