Does Car Insurance Cover Damaged Tyres?

Car insurance provides cover for so many eventualities due to the likes of the vehicle being stolen, it being involved in a road traffic accident or being damaged due to a fire? However, does your insurance policy pay out should your tyres be damaged?

Well, that is an interesting question. The answer is, potentially, “yes’ depending upon the circumstances.

For instance, if your car is seriously damaged in a road traffic accident and the repair work involves having to replace and fit one or more tyres then, if you have fully comprehensive cover, your policy would pay out for the replacement cost and fitting of the new tyres subject to you paying the excess on the policy.

However, car insurance is not designed to cover the cost of repairing or replacing a tyre that has been accidentally punctured with say a nail or due to wear and tear.

If your tyre is accidentally punctured then you may be interested to read that there are a number of companies that provide cover for this eventuality. You tend to pay a fixed fee to the insurer based upon the likely replacement cost of the tyre. Of course, the price of tyres varies depending upon so many factors such as the make and size of the tyre and whether they are budget or premium tyres. For instance, run flat tyres can be particularly costly to replace. This type of insurance would also include the cost of fitting a new tyre.

As with most types of insurance, you may wish to shop around for tyre cover as it is quite possible that not all insurers charge the same premium. One way of doing this is to type something like “car tyre insurance cover” into your Internet browser and you may be presented with a number of providers whose policies you can peruse online to establish if this type of cover appeals to you. Do make sure that you not only establish what is covered but also any exclusions.

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