Should It Be Illegal For Insurers To Charge Existing Policyholders More For Car Insurance?

Research by the price comparison website has revealed that 50% of motorists are of the opinion that the law should be changed so that if an insurance company charges more for providing cover for an existing policyholder than for a new customer then that should be declared illegal. There would appear to be little recognition for someone deciding to stay with the same motor insurance company for an extended period of time.

There are a number of other business types that do reward existing customers and it is a shame that this does not appear to be the case for long standing car insurance policyholders.

It remains to be seen if insurers would bow to public support for existing customers to be charged the same premium as that of new customers. Insurers have to make existing customers aware how much their new premium will be at renewal in comparison to how much they have been paying for the last 12 months.

Apparently, 61% of motorists were of the opinion that a new customer pays less for their cover than an existing one.

When your car insurance is due to come up for renewal then you may wish to obtain one or more quotes from other providers to see how the renewal premium compares with that obtained from other insurers. If the renewal premium is more expensive then you could get in touch with your existing insurer and ask them if they are prepared to match or better the price of the competitor. If not then you could seriously consider switching your motor insurance from your existing provider to the new company.

If you require a quote for car insurance then why not consider using our website as we provide access to a number of insurance companies that will hopefully provide a competitive quote for your perusal and consideration. If you do wish to proceed then you will be pleased to read that it is usually quick and simple to process the documentation and arrange payment.

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