What Is The Profession Most Likely To Get A Conviction For Speeding?

It is no secret that if you are caught speeding then you will, as a minimum, be fined and get penalty points on your driving license. You will need to inform your motor insurance provider and they may increase how much you are charged each year for your cover. Potentially, you could also be banned from driving for a period of time which, of course, could have a number of implications i.e. you may loose your job and find it difficult getting from one place to another.

Well, GoCompare has looked at a number of quotations that it has provided to find that the profession with the most people in it that have received a speeding conviction is a Member of Parliament.

Below we list the top ten professions for speeding convictions: –

1. Member of Parliament 22.1%
2. Radio Presenter 19.2%
3. Sales Director 18.9%
4. Managing Director 17.7%
5. Operations Director 17.4%
6. Bailiff 16.7%
7. Company Chairman 16.6%
8. Money Broker 16.6%
9. Surgeon 16.5%
10. Chartered Surveyor 16.3%

It may come as a bit of a surprise to see MPs at the top of the above list bearing in mind the position that they hold here in the UK. It is also interesting to see the likes of surgeons and chartered surveyors in the top 10.

Speeding in a car puts a number of people at risk of injury or death such as the driver, the passengers in the vehicle, people in other vehicles as well as pedestrians. Speed limits are there for a reason and should be kept to at all times. The potential cost of being caught speeding is huge and can affect a driver’s life for years to come.

If you have been convicted of speeding then it may be that there are fewer car insurance companies that would consider providing you with cover depending upon the number of penalty points you have accumulated. Using the likes of a price comparison website may help you obtain suitable cover quickly.

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