Brexit And The Impact On Green Cards

At the present time, when you drive your own car in most European countries you do not need a Green Card but, if no Brexit deal is arranged by the 29th March 2019, you will have to get a green card from your car insurance provider. This would even apply if you wished to drive in Eire.

The green card provides proof that you have the minimum legal level of cover to drive your car in most European countries. Such a card is usually provided free of charge. Some insurance companies have already started sending out green cards to their policyholders but others have not and, if you need one, you will have to request one. It can take from a few days up to 4 weeks to receive one so do bear this in mind and request yours well in advance of taking your family on holiday.

Don’t just assume that you are covered under your existing car insurance policy to drive your car in Europe. Check with your insurer as there are some that do not include cover automatically – with some it is an optional extra.

Do bear in mind when driving in Europe that there are some things you should bring with you such as your passport, valid driving license, motor insurance certificate plus green card if appropriate and V5C Certificate. You should also take your travel insurance documents and it would be sensible to seriously consider arranging breakdown cover should you break down and require assistance either at the roadside or to be taken to a local garage for repairs or to be brought back to the UK. You will also need a GB sticker on the front and back of the car. You will also need a red warning triangle to display at the roadside to warn approaching motorists that you have broken down.

We do hope that the above is of assistance and wish you a pleasant and safe trip.

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