What Do You Use Your Car For?

There are so many factors that affect how much your motor insurance provider will charge you for your cover. One of these is what you use your car for and it is important that you advise your insurer honestly about this as, if you do not, it could invalidate your policy.

The time to notify your insurer what you will be using your car for is not only when you get a quote for cover but also if you change what you use your car for at any time whilst the policy is in place.

There are a number of different classes of car insurance including social domestic and pleasure, social domestic pleasure and commuting and a few business classes.

Typically, social domestic and pleasure would cover someone who is retired, a house person or someone who works but does not use their car to help them get to work. These people are able to use their cars to, for instance, go to the shops, go out for a run in the car on a weekend and go on holiday.

Social domestic pleasure and commuting would cover someone to do all the above things plus commute to one place of work. For instance, you could drive your car to the railway station in a morning, park it and jump on a train to get the rest of the way to work and do the same in reverse, Alternatively, you could drive all the way to one place of work where you could leave you car and do the same in reverse. However, it is important to note that with this class of cover, you would not be covered if you travelled to more than one place of work such as if your employer had two locations and you spent say a couple of days a week working at one office and the other three days at an office in another location that involved you driving to.

Business class 1 typically provides cover for social domestic pleasure and commuting plus it may also cover you for driving to more than one location in connection with your job. It may also enable your spouse to be covered for business use class 1.

Business class 2 covers everything within business class 1 plus it may also enable you to insure a named driver for business class use.

Business class 3 tends to cover the likes of salespeople who may do an awful lot of miles every year.

There are other classes of insurance such as to cover the likes of taxi drivers and private hire vehicles.

Depending upon which usage class you come under will have a bearing upon how much your insurance company charges you to insure your vehicle.

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