Don’t Overload Your Car

It is that time of year when we load up the car with Christmas presents and set off to visit distant family members in other parts of the UK to spend the festive period together. By the time you have packed the suitcases in the boot as well as the presents and perhaps food and drink you could be carrying quite a weight. Also, if the boot can’t accommodate everything then there will no doubt be quite a lot of people who pile up the space on the back seat so high that the driver’s view through the rear view mirror may be restricted. You may also have too many passengers in the vehicle.

Well, how many of you were aware that if you do overload your car you could be breaking the law under, for instance, code CU50 which relates to the possible cause or likely to cause danger by reason of load or passengers.

If caught, you could face 3 penalty points on your driving license as well as a fine which is something that you could probably do without especially at this time of year and this could lead to your car insurance premiums increasing at renewal. Again, this is no doubt something that you would not like to happen. Your insurance company may also refuse to pay out in the event of a claim should you be involved in a road traffic accident whilst the car is overloaded.

So, you might like to check what the maximum weight you are allowed to carry in the vehicle and what the maximum number of passengers the vehicle can carry and make sure that you do not exceed this.

One of the reasons why there is a weight limit is that excess weight could affect the handling of the car and will no doubt put additional unwanted pressure on the tyres and could lead to you having an accident in your vehicle. We are sure that you would not want to be responsible for such an occurrence.

Here at My Cheap Car Insurance we would just like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Why not take the opportunity to get a competitive quote for your motor insurance through our website and see if you can save any money either on your existing cover that is shortly coming up for renewal or to arrange cover for the first time.  

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