Do You Need Legal Cover?

In order for you to decide if you need to include legal expenses cover with your UK car insurance policy it would be beneficial if you knew what it covers.

This optional extra is designed to protect you financially to cover the legal costs incurred either by you taking legal action against another road user or another road user taking legal action against you. For instance, this could be if you were seeking to claim back an excess that you had paid out on your policy when making a claim against another motorist when you were not at fault. You could also use this option for your benefit if you were pursuing another motorist that was at fault for some form of compensation perhaps due to being unable to work for a period of time as a result of which you suffer loss of earnings. Another potential benefit is that you may have access to a free legal helpline for some advise. Who knows when you may feel it necessary to speak with someone about a legal matter.

You may well find that most insurance companies offer this sort of cover as an optional extra. Some may even include it as standard. When getting a quote for motor insurance you can get a quotation for a policy to both include and exclude legal protection cover and then compare the cost and decide if you want to include it. This is something that can easily be done online by using the likes of a price comparison website. Do check the terms and conditions to make sure you are fully aware of what is covered but also what is not included in the cover.

It is really up to yourself to decide if you feel that this sort of cover is of potential benefit to you and is worth paying the extra money for such cover. We hope that the above has proved of benefit in your due diligence about whether it is worth considering such cover.

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