Large Number Of Learner Drivers Uninsured

Learning to drive is an expensive thing to do. The cost of paying for lessons is prohibitive for many as can be the price people pay to buy a car especially if that involves taking out a car loan. If you are learning to drive in someone else’s car then the cost of learning to drive tends to be lower as it is quite possible that the only expense is to make sure that a learner driver is suitably insured.

In that respect it is both interesting and concerning to read that, according to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) it is estimated that there are around 25,000 learner drivers who are not insured to drive who should be. This has huge implications and it means that the person concerned is breaking the law.

Obviously, if you are learning to drive in the car of someone who teaches people to drive for a living then you will be covered on their policy. However, if you are learning to drive in say one of your parent’s cars then you will need to be insured as an additional driver. This will no doubt increase the premium that has been paid by the policyholder and in some cases it may be that the existing insurer will not add a learner driver to the policy meaning that it will be necessary to shop around to find a provider that will.

If the learner driver has bought a car then he or she will need to make sure that they are insured to drive the vehicle for a minimum of third party cover. Unfortunately, the cost of insuring a young, inexperienced learner driver can be prohibitive for many people who are also faced with the maintenance costs of running a car such as servicing and paying for an MOT and any repair costs/ new tyres plus we are seeing fuel prices increase on forecourts here in the UK.

It is important that when looking for competitive motor insurance that you shop around by using the likes of a price comparison website.

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