Why May Optional Car Extras Increase The Cost Of Cover

When you buy a new car one of the things that you will no doubt wish to consider is which, if any, optional extras you want on your vehicle. Of course, it is quite possible that some makes and models of cars may have a particular feature as standard whereas some manufacturers may offer that same feature as an option. Do bear in mind that the cost of insuring your car may be affected by some optional extras.

So, what sorts of features could be available as optional extras for the car you are looking to buy?

Well, a sat nav may come as an optional extra and, as you may be aware, there are sometimes different types of sat navs to choose from. You may want to have electric windows fitted whether that is just the front passenger door and the driver’s door or also the windows for the two rear doors. You may like the idea of having electrically adjustable wing mirrors fitted plus you may also like to have those same mirrors close in when the car is switched off.

If you like your music then you may want to have a significantly more expensive sound system fitted in the car. You may like the idea of having parking sensors fitted to warn you when reversing that you are getting close to an obstacle and you may also be looking to have a parking camera installed.

You may want to have cruise control fitted plus a limiter to aid you whilst you are driving. You may want to have heated leather seats fitted to make your body warmer in the winter months.

There are a couple of reasons that come to mind as to why insurers may feel it necessary to charge more for your car insurance due to having one or more of these optional extras fitted to your car. For instance, the value of your car would no doubt increase and, if you were involved in a road traffic accident that damaged say the rear bumper that incorporated parking sensors then the cost of replacing not only the bumper but the parking sensors would be more than if just the bumper had to be replaced.

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