Inaccurate Details Provided By Comparison Websites About Car Insurance Policies

Which? has carried out some research into the information provided by 4 price comparison websites about car insurance policies that is rather concerning. It has discovered that, in a number of cases, there is inaccurate information listed on the price comparison websites.

The 4 comparison sites were,, Compare the Market and Go Compare. Many of you will be aware of these websites and some of you may have obtained car insurance quotes through one or more of them. Which? looked at 21 car insurance brands. It discovered that in 6 out of 10 car insurance policies there were inaccuracies when comparing the wording of the policy document with what is stated on the price comparison website. We are sure that you will agree this would appear to be a high figure.

Some of the discrepancies were things like three of the comparison websites stating that a courtesy car being guaranteed to be available yet, according to the car insurance policy, such a vehicle was not guaranteed. Had the motorist getting the quote been aware of this then it would have been interesting to find out if he or she would still have taken out the cover. In the case of a couple of the price comparison websites, the descriptions about personal accident cover were not reliable and in respect of three comparison websites there were similar discrepancies about loss and theft of key cover.

Which? has notified the price comparison websites of their findings and no doubt the sites involved will look into the matter.

Motorists should not let the above findings put them off from obtaining quotes through price comparison websites as they provide an invaluable way of easily and quickly comparing the cost of motor insurance. You may wish to check directly with the insurer you are considering arranging your cover with about exactly what you are being covered for.

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