Drink And Drug Driving Conviction Hotspots In The UK

Several months ago, the price comparison website MoneySuperMarket.com produced data relating to post code areas around the UK where the highest number of motorists had declared that they had drink driving and/or drug driving convictions when asking for a quote for motor insurance in the twelve month period 1st November 2016 to 31st October 2017.

Of course, you will no doubt be aware that if you are convicted of one or both of the above offences then it has potential implications relating to, for instance, the increased cost of your car insurance policy for many years to come. You could find that you are banned from driving for a period of time, you could be fined and you could go to prison.

So, which postal code areas of the UK had the largest number of motorists who had been convicted for one or more of the above offences? Well, in number one spot was
Sunderland with 2.91 out of 1,000 motorists. In second place was Truro with 2.6 out of 1,000 motorists. In third place was Coventry with 2.53 out of 1,000 motorists. In fourth place was Blackburn with 2.46 drivers out of 1,000. In fifth place was Cleveland with 2.3 drivers out of 1,000. In sixth place was Crewe with 2.29 drivers out of 1,000. In seventh place was Wigan with 2.26 drivers out of 1,000. In eighth place was Wakefield with 2.24 motorists out of 1,000. In ninth place was Reading with 2.21 drivers out of 1,000. In tenth place was Wolverhampton with 2.12 motorists out of 1,000.

At the other end of the table was London N with 0.59 drivers per 1,000. This was followed by London NW at 0.64 motorists per 1,000. Next was London W at 0.66 drivers per 1,000.

Of course, let’s not forget that someone at the wheel of a car who has had too much to drink and is over the legal limit is not only putting himself or herself and his or her passengers at risk but also the lives and well-being of the occupants of other vehicles as well as pedestrians.

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