Possible Ways To Get Cheaper Motor Insurance

Although there has been a reduction in the cost of some people insuring their cars in recent months, anything that can be done to lower this expense has got to be welcomed especially as motorists have been faced with an increase in fuel prices here in the UK.

So, what could motorists possibly do to obtain their cover for a reduced cost?

Well, firstly you may wish to shop around to see if you can obtain the cover that you require cheaper with another provider. One of the ways to do this is to use the likes of a specialist price comparison website that has a large panel of motor insurers.

There are numerous factors that affect how much you pay for your car insurance so let us have a look at some of them to see if possible savings could be made.

Use of vehicle

What you use your car for has a bearing on the premium you pay. For instance, if you only use your car for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and do not use your vehicle to assist you in getting to work then you do not need to have cover for commuting. Therefore, your premium is likely to be lower.

Parking car overnight

If you park your car either on the drive or in your garage overnight then it is possible that your motor insurance will be cheaper than if you left your car overnight on the street outside your home as, in doing the later, the vehicle is more likely to be damaged by a passing vehicle or get stolen by an opportunist car thief.


When applying for car insurance one of the questions you will have been asked is how many miles you estimate you will travel in the car each year. This is a figure that could potentially change due to a change in circumstances. For instance, you may have been driving to work for many years making a round trip of circa 75 miles a day. However, you may have left that employer and are now working locally involving a daily journey in your car perhaps of 10 miles. As you are travelling far fewer miles this may result in the amount you pay for your car insurance reducing.


What you do for a living has a bearing upon the cost of your cover so if you change your occupation then this may have an impact on your car insurance premiums.

Marital Status

If you get married or move in with a partner then you may find that the cost of insuring your vehicle may drop. This is because some insurers are of the opinion that a single person is more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than someone who is married.

Telematics Cover

Sometimes it may be cheaper to arrange a telematics car insurance policy (also known as black box car insurance) so you may wish to obtain one or more quotes for this type of cover.

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