Does Your Car Insurance Cover You For Vandalism?

You may be interested to read that Churchill Car Insurance has obtained some Freedom of Information data about the number of cars vandalised here in the UK including where the “hot spots” are.

In the last 12 months, Plymouth has the worst reputation for cars being vandalised in the city. A staggering 26% of car owners reported some form of vandalism to their motor vehicles.

In second place was Sheffield where 25% of residents reported car vandalism. In third place was London with 23% of those living in the capital city of England falling foul of vandals causing damage of some kind to their vehicles. Norwich was the city with the lowest percentage of car vandalism at 9%. The national average was 18%.

It is estimated that damage to vehicles caused by vandals totalled £1.9 billion for the year. There were not far off 3 million vehicles reported damaged in this way. A concerning statistic is that over 60% of reported cases of car vandalism remained unsolved.

So, how does this impact on your car insurance? Well, unfortunately, if you have fully comprehensive cover and the car insurance company is unable to pursue those responsible for the vandalism to your car then it would result in an at-fault claim and this could impact on your no-claims bonus. Yes, the insurance company would pay out to meet your claim but you would have to pay the excess but it could still have a further financial impact on you in so much as your car insurance premiums could increase which is something you could do without. If you only have third party fire and theft and your car is not stolen whilst being vandalised or just third party cover then you will not be covered. So, let us hope that you do not become a statistic of car vandalism.

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