Drive With Extra Care During Wintry Conditions

It is that time of year when motorists in the UK are suffering from wintry conditions such as snow and ice on our roads. Yes, the gritting lorries and snow ploughs may be out and about at varying times of the day but you still need to be extra vigilant when driving your car.

During inclement weather, the number of claims made by drivers on their motor insurance policies due to road traffic accidents increases in winter in comparison to other seasons. These claims could be made due to some motorists not taking more care whilst at the wheels of their vehicles. For instance, you should only make journeys that are really necessary and, if you do have to drive your vehicle, reduce your speed to allow for having to take longer to stop in the event of having to take evasive action. Keep well back from the vehicle in front so that should the other car need to stop suddenly there is more chance of you being able to avoid driving into the back of the other car.

You should make sure that your windscreen wipers are working effectively so that they can clear any snow or rain that is falling whilst you are on the move. You should check that all your lights are functioning so that you are better able to see where you are travelling as well as being more visible to other road users. You should ensure that your brakes are working effectively so that if you had to make an emergency stop your vehicle is more likely to come to a halt before colliding with another vehicle or person or building.

Rather than braking, it may be safer to change gear to reduce the possibility of you skidding on a slippery road surface. If you do start to skid then you should try to steer in the direction that your car is skidding. Prior to setting of on your car journey make sure that the windscreen and the other car windows are clear of snow and ice so that your visibility is not adversely affected. Make sure that your tyres are in good condition and have an adequate tread on them.

Hopefully, by following all of the above, you may reduce the possibility of being caught up in a road traffic accident this winter and avoid having to make a claim on your car insurance policy as this may result in your premiums increasing at renewal.

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