When Do You Need Class 1 Business Car Insurance?

Hopefully, you are aware that there are various classes of car insurance with the most well known one probably being “social, domestic, pleasure and commuting”. One of the other ones is “Class 1 Business Use”. So, when is that later form of cover applicable?

If you use your car to commute to and from more than one of your employer's places of work then it is likely you will need class 1 business use for your car insurance

Class 1 Business Use may be required in certain situations for your car insurance.

Well, class 1 business use normally covers you for social domestic and pleasure purposes plus it also provides cover for certain types of business use. For instance, if you commute to more than one place of work such as to say an office of your employer in London two days a week and to another of your employer’s offices in say Birmingham for the other three days of the week then you will require class 1 business use unless your employer’s insurance covers you for such journeys.

If you are employed and have to attend a training course then you may also require cover for class1 business use. You should check with your car insurance company if this is the case.

You may work in the administration department of your employer and commute to work in your car on a daily basis. However, if your job involves you having to, for example, go to the bank to pay in monies into your employer’s business account then you may also require class 1 business use.

If you are in certain self employed roles then you may require this type of cover. For instance, if you are a personal tutor who visits clients in different locations then you will require class 1 business use.

Unfortunately, class 1 business insurance costs more than social, domestic, pleasure and commuting cover does but it is important that you have the correct car insurance policy to cover what the car is o be used for as, if you do not, should you submit a claim and you were making a journey to a different office of your employer that you normally commute to when you were involved in a road traffic accident your insurer may not be prepared to approve and pay out for your claim.

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