What Are The Consequences Of Illegally Driving An Uninsured Car?

Unfortunately, there are a significant number of motorists who drive their vehicles without having motor insurance in place when they should do. It is a legal requirement that if you drive a car in a public place or on a road that, at very least, you have third party cover in place.

At very least you must have third party car insurance in place if you are driving your car in a public place or on the road.

Don’t break the law by driving an uninsured car in a public place or on a road.

The consequences of driving a car without car insurance are significant and potentially include any of the following: –

• You could end up with having 6 penalty points added to your driving license.
• You may receive a Fixed Penalty fine of £300 – a significant sum of money.
• Your motor insurance premiums may be increased as a result of driving a vehicle without suitable insurance in place.
• Your car may be impounded.
• You may be faced with having to pay a fee of £150 to have your vehicle released from the compound where it is being held.
• You could be prosecuted in court and disqualified from driving for a period of time and have to pay an unlimited fine.
• You could have to pay the costs relating to a road traffic accident that you are involved in including any claims for the likes of damage to vehicles and compensation/costs for personal injury or death that may have unfortunately happened to third parties involved in the road traffic accident. The amount involved could run into many millions of pounds.

Therefore, surely it really is not a sensible course of action to drive around in a motor vehicle that is not suitably insured. Third party car insurance tends to be the cheapest level of cover available so you could compare the cost of that with cover for third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive cover. There are a huge number of motor insurers so you may wish to shop around to try to get a competitively priced policy.

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